EKO-AIMS rifle range

The rifle range can be set up at the RantaVilla or elsewhere in the Ellivuori Resort area.

Eco Aims is an optic rifle and target system, which allows ranges being set up both indoors and outside. This system is used for example as a biathlon training equipment.

Suitable for groups of 2 – 50 people
Duration 1 – 2 hours
Price 50 – 100 €, depending on the size of the group

Also checkpoint shooting, archery and paintball are available.

The technique behind the Ecoaims is based on the same kind of optronics that is used in cameras. When the shooter aims at the electronic target, the camera sensor built in the rifle recognizes the infrared LED point in the middle of the target, forms the coordinates and sends them in real time to a separate screen or a computer. From the screen, the shooter can see the graphic information on the aim, hit and results.

The system is designed for a 10-meter range, but it is programmed so that on a shorter track, the results are calculated proportionally to equal the 10-metre range.

Ecoaims shooting suits both beginners and professional athletes. For athletes. Ecoaim offers a great training method.

Shooting with an eco gun suits men, women, girls and boys equally. You don’t need a shooting or gun permit for this perfectly safe way of shooting.

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