Story trail of Pirunvuori hill and Kivilinna studio

In the magnificent settings of the Pirunvuori hill (lit. Devil’s Mountain), you get to hear stories about the devil, the mountain and the cave.
A peek into Kivilinna (lit. Stone Castle) studio, along with some delicious memories of the Kivilinna artist Emil Danielsson and Saga.
On the story trail, we walk in the summer, winter, and all year round weather permitting. A candle light walk in the darkening evening or a theme guiding by the artist Emil himself are available as well.
We tailor the walking tours according to the group and the circumstances.
See and experience Pirunvuori area!

Price 160 € /group
Group size 1 – 25 people
Duration approximately 1.5 hours

Welcome to the forest!

On the forest trail, we can learn something new together, find inspiration, relax and refresh. The theme are the stories and tails of the forest, the nature and health, as well as the devil and the mountain.

The trips are organized in springtime, summers and autumns, In the wintertime, we adjust the trips according to the circumstances. The guide on these trips is an authorized Sastamala guide.

The trip takes about 1,5 hours.
The route takes through the outdoor route network and nature trails. Dress in outdoors gear according to the weather.
The walking tours are tailored to fit the needs of the group and the weather.

Welcome to sense the Ellivuori natural landscape with a guide!

160 € / group.
Group size 1 – 25 people


Pirunvuori hike

Get some exercise on a power walk to the challenging terrain of the Pirunvuori hill area. The guide will take you thtough the beautiful views of Pirunvuori and to the top of the Ellivuori hill.

Nordic poles are available for hire.

Price 120 € / group
Group size 1 – 25 people
The trip takes about 1.5 hours


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