nature reserve offers various marked routes and nature trails.

There are nature trails following the shores of the three wilderness lakes in the area. The trails are semi demanding, and the old forest area offers variation while walking.

Ritajärvi is located approximately 19 km from Ellivuori.

Visit Ritajärvi website (in Finnish)

Map of Ritajärvi area (PDF)

nature area boasts a lovely café on by the water, as well as a lean-to, fire pit, swimming place, toilet, water tap, guest pier and a ramp for boats.

There are three different circular routes going around the area, and the café is right in the hub of the routes.

The distance from Ellivuori to Otamus is about 15 km.

More information about Otamis (in Finnish)


Ellivuori Resort has a guest marina for visiting boats.

The marina pier is about 20 m from RantaVilla, some 200 m from the new chalet apartments and about 300 m from Hotel Ellivuori.

The Ellivuori summer theatre is also just a 100 m from the marina.