Kärppälä horse ranch

Established 2018, Kärppälä ranch houses altogether 14 horses at the moment. There’s a cosy 7-stall stable built in the old cattle shed as well as an outside space for the horses and the ponies. In the summertime, the horses can pasture in the vast field area.

The ranch also boasts a newly built, warm riding ring with a cafeteria and a spectator stand. In addition, in the summertime there’s a big riding field and and an over 2 kilometre long riding track around the ranch field at the horse enthusiasts’ disposal.

The ranch organizes various coachings and clinics that can be participated in with your own horse. Horse ridings and walks are available too, and there are some pony clubs and horse carriage rides on demand as well.

Kärppälä horse ranch is located about 6 kilometers from Ellivuori.

For more information:
+358 44 523 8189 / Stable manager
Kärppälänraitti 112, 38140 Sastamala

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The Karkku village shop and the services at Häijää village centre at the disposal of everyone on route 11

Did you forget the all-important pacifier, is your car running out of fuel or are you needing something to fill the fridge with? Not to worry! You will find what you need from just around the corner.

The closest crocery store from the Ellivuori Resort is the Karkku village shop Maisa, some 10 kilometers from the resort.

Häijää village boasts plenty of services including Neste Häijää gas station, shopping centre Häijään Äijä, pharmacy, Säästömarket shop, sports store Häijään Urheilutarvike and the brand new cheese shop Juustotupa.

Häijää is located about 14 km away from the Ellivuori Resort.

Lakeside Golf – the best golf in Tampere Region!

Situated about 14 km away from Ellivuori, there’s the two different courses of the Lakeside Golf. The front of the Järvenranta field, completed in 1992, is located on the shore of Lake Riippilänjärvi. In addition to beautiful views, the lake adds a challenge to the game on several routes. The players are served by two cafés and a restaurant. Pirunpelto (lit. Devil’s Field) is located in the mesmerizing, rugged forest scenery and the course challenges the players to an accurate performance.

Lakeside Golf courses host a plentitude of golfers each year, and especially Pirunpelto is a must for any golf enthusiast just because of its uniqueness. The course is valued as one of Finland’s top 10 golf courses and it has been awarded for the best price-quality equation in Finland.

Lakeside Golf takes pride in their customer service and want to send each golfer home with a smile on their face.

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Kiviniitty Domestic Animal Farm

The Kiviniitty domestic animal farm is a popular destination among people of all ages. It offers unforgettable experiences with animals and fun for the whole family. The park is located in Sastamala by highway 11, only 44 km from Tampere.

There are over 30 animal species to meet on the farm. In addition to the traditional Finnish farm animals, there are also ostriches, reindeer and wild boars living in Kiviniitty.

There are a lot of activities for the kids in addition to meeting all the lovely animals at Kiviniitty – trampolines, bouncy castles, pedal cars, a playground, the magical forest and a nature trail invite the smallest of the family to enjoy the outdoors.

The farm is open again from May 2019. The distance to Kiviniitty from Ellivuori is only about 16 km.

Click here to visit the Kiviniitty farm website.

The House of Mr. Clutterbuck

The House of Mr. Clutterbuck invites children to play and use their own imagination in the settings created by the beloved Finnish author of the stories, Mauri Kunnas. The exhibition is based on several books by Mauri Kunnas.

Mr. Clutterbuck’s house has four different rooms. In here, you get to play house with Mr. Clutterbuck, try out fencing in the hall of Arthur’s knights and enjoy an adventure in the slide! Or would you like to take a journey to space, or maybe time travel to the shops and shoemaker’s back in the 19th century?

Open from May to October, the Fun on Wheels Yard is open for all the dare devils.

The House of Mr. Clutterbuck lies about 20 km from Ellivuori

Click here to the page of the House of Mr. Clutterbuck.

Photo: Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo

Sastamala Tourist Information      

Discover all that Sastamala has to offer for visitors at the Sastamala Tourist Information.

The tourist information is at your service in the centre of Sastamala, in The Museum of Finnish Book, Pukstaavi.

Address: Marttilankatu 12, 38200 Sastamala.
Telephone: +358 400 229 142
E-mail: matkailu(at)sastamala.fi

Opening hours

The tourist information is open at the same time as the museum: during the summer season Mon-Sun 10-17, and from autumn to spring Tue-Fri 10-16 and Sat 10-15.

Sastamala Tourist Information

Särkänniemi, Tampere

In Särkänniemi, you can find the amusement park, Aquarium, Planetarium, Näsinneula observation tower and the Doghill Fairytale Farm.

The world’s first Angry Birds Land was opened in Särkänniemi in 2012 and Doghill opened its doors for the first time in 2013.

There are also several kiosks and resturants in the area, including the revolving restaurant on top of Näsinneula observation tower.

In 2016 SuperPark Särkänniemi added to the park’s selection, and the Sara Hildén Art Museum offers quality exhibitions all year round. Särkänniemi is the biggest and most versatile amusement park in Finland!

Särkänniemi is about a 40-minute drive away from Ellivuori.

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Särkänniemi Zones indoor amusement park, Lempäälä

Särkänniemi Zones is Finland’s biggest and most versatile indoor amusement park, guaranteeing fun for everyone! The park is divided into different zones that offer activities for everyone form the smallest of the family to adults alike. In the same premises, the virtual park Pikseli offers some virtual reality experiences for the whole family!

The best way to enjoy Särkänniemi Zones is to get the Zones wristband and tackle the Kid Zone, Family Fun Zone and Action Zone all with the same ticket. The admission to the park is free, so if you’re not taking any rides, you don’t need a ticket at all.

Särkänniemi Zones is located in Ideapark shopping centre in Lempäälä, one hour from Ellivuori.

Särkänniemi Zones